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Silent Hill 4 roleplay, anyone?

Alright! SO!

It's been several long, looong years since I last posted on this community (and under a different username), but my quiet love for Silent Hill that has stood the test of time has kicked into full gear again and I was wondering if there were still any people here interested in one-on-one RP?

Though I know SH4 is like the bastard child of the series, I've always had the softest spot for this game and particularly Walter/Henry.  I roleplayed this couple for some time playing as the former and, though we had a great thing going on years ago, I unfortunately lost connection with my old Henry!partner and I'm preeetty sure she's no longer in the fandom. I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to help me build a strong plot for us to play with alongside the slash aspect and I'm big on character building, especially with someone like Henry who I know a lot of people claim to be a little 'lifeless.' I love, love, love anything to do with The Order and their rituals and am not opposed to AU as long as there are some remote ties to canon. A fic example of what I'm looking for is sometimes along the line of Impaired by Gaia Faye. Well-thought out with a realistic edge to any romantic subplots... and maybe a just little more porn. ;D I'm also a prose-style writer with a history of LJ and AIM RP and can get quite lengthy if the scene calls for it, so I hope you don't mind detail.

That being said, it's been a long time since I've played Walter or, honestly, RP'd in general, but I'd be perfectly happy to supply sample posts to anyone interested! Thanks for reading my awkward, long-winded post!
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