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hiiiii guyyys.

 i'm so glad i found this comm, i recently got really into the SH series. I've only played 2 and 4 but I've read about/watched full playthroughs of 1 and 3. I have yet to venture further, because my favourite LPer only goes to the 4th and stops. 

Anyway, I wish this comm had more life. It looks like it used to be so active and now I see that it really isn't. Try'na breathe some life into it, you know? I'm hoping that the next new game release will spur more action. 

I might as well introduce myself.  I really like WalterxHenry, I'm not supermega active as a poster on LJ but I try my best to contribute. I'm thinking of writing an AU W/H fic, but I'm not making any promises. 

This post is kind of awkward, I know.

So-- for something for you posters to do! Can someone explain to me the James/Harry ship? I'm really interested as to why people like it.  

(sorry this is so disorganized, OTL) 

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