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Consequences ; Pyramid Head/Alex

Notes: This is basically a direct continuation of Infernal Desires, but I don't think that it's completely necessary to read that first but maybe it is so that everything makes more sense I did write them into the same continuity that sort of has a plot to it. In any case, this is f-locked like all of my PWPs so you're going to have to add me in order to see it and please, if you do, leave me a comment? Also, forgive my fail at the point of view. I know it's awkward.

Title: Consequences
Pairing: Pyramid Head/Alex
Rating: nc17
Prompt: With sub!Alex. Have Adam watch, cause PH was so there to torment him, and what better way to go about it then sexing up his son right in front of him? Just to rub in that PH takes better care of Alex than Adam ever did. [ original prompt ]
Words: 4275 words
Disclaimer: I don't own Silent Hill, it's the property of Konami and whoever else was involved with it's development and release. I am only borrowing the characters and such and am in no way associated with them; because if this is an indicator... yeah, let's not go there.
[ Warnings are for D/S, violence, gore, and exhibitionism. Along with slash, but I think that should go without saying. ]
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