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Silent Hill Slash

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...Or maybe just retarded people with not enough to do. Either way, this comm here be dedicated to the loveliness that is Silent Hill. Only, y'know, the gay parts.

Cybil was fine with Harry, but wasn't she even better with Rose? Do you like your Pyramid Head served with a side of Sunderland? Receiver of Wisdom, so that's what they're calling it nowadays? Here everything is welcomed with wide-open and possibly bloodstained arms. :D

Your lovely and quite approachable moderators, kinneas, neofox and xelias, have laid out a few basic rules so as to keep it all in good fun.

Welcomed here:
-Slash AND femmeslash of all kinds; you can keep it conventional or live out your twisted side.
-Original characters as long as its slash-related.
-Open discussion as long as it's germaine.

-Label things of explicit sexual nature. Some people have this community on friends list.
-Put current spoilers behind lj cuts.
-Keep it relevant. Off-topic posters will be asked to delete their content.
-Put large pics and fics behind lj cuts.
-Respect others. Rude behaviour is intolerable and will earn you a meeting with Mr. Banhammer, no argument.
-This should go without saying, but do not under any circumstances post pedophilia involving children under fifteen.
-Do not advertise your communities without asking the mods first.
-Don't be a troll, because as funny as those can be, kinneas will probably fifty-Hitler you :(
-Stay off my lawn!

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