snarryvader81 (snarryvader81) wrote in shslash,

Walter/Henry, Please?

Hi! I'm brand new to this community, and to Silent Hill in general. I saw the movie in the theater back when it came out, but I've only just started playing SH2.

But, I have this nasty habit of reading fanfiction for things I haven't even watched/read/played, only heard about --- something that, on retrospect, contributed to my unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter . . .

Anyway, I've really gotten into Walter/Henry slash. Like in a "OMG its the OTP!!!1!!!!111!!!!" way. But, I'm having some trouble finding any of it. So, could you give me some links? Pretty please?? I don't really have any squicks, so I'll take anything. Please?

Thanks in advance,
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